Exploiting the CHEVROLET AVEO.

Car of Korean manufacturer went on sale in 2002. Since then, a large number of copies of this inexpensive car are spread for Europe and Asia.


The appearance of the car is a bit outdated, but not so much that it was a shame to appear on the road. Coloring of body is durable and does not deteriorate by exposing of chemistry.

Cars equipped with the rear windows manually operated, have one drawback – the glass is constantly lowered. Replacement of window lifter mechanism will not give you anything. You just have before you put the car into the parking lot to lift the drooping glasses. However, in the version with electric window mechanism, brake operates flawlessly. A bit annoying is clock in the cabin. In the summer at high temperature in the cabin, they refuse to work. Cooling down, it is working as if nothing had happened. Does not try change as well, it does not help.
Electrical equipment works reliably. But the drivers remember that electronics haven’t the protection against reverse polarity.

The car Chevrolet Aveo generally is quite reliable. No coincidence that many owners are not in hurry to get rid of it.