2011 Chevrolet Cruze REVIEW

How. What we have here is a 2000 Levinson like cruise as you know Chevy in the other domestic car companies, have really struggled with compact vehicles in the US Chevy hopes to change that with this world vehicle I call it a world vehicle because this vehicle is being sold in 60 different countries and has done quite well so this vehicle competes with the likes of a Honda civic and the phone call to name a few Mazda 3 the upcoming fourth focus one of the big differentiators for the Chevy Cruze, forces of competition is the engine others a base 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine which is very common and because of the size but there’s also a 1.4 liter turbo that’s right I said 1.4 liter turbo was the last time you heard of an engine that small. Now despite its size that 1.4 liter engine still produces 138 horsepower and 140 pound feet of torque that’s something that the competition doesn’t always talk about toward but that’s really what gets you up and going a 6 speed automatic transmission or 6 speed manual 6 speed manual you do find in other vehicle 6 speed automatic not in this section.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze

At the base price of the Chevy Cruze starts around 18500 I loaded out LTZ that you see here is going to be this as the RS package as well about $25000 with navigation rather sunroof the works. You might ask where’s that relation to the competition well it’s right there it’s right in the heart in the meat of the competition a while the crews of the name that you may not be familiar with because it is a brand new model you concede that the vehicle has a lot of the family resemblance to the Malibu as well as the traverse it has that twin green grill which is becoming very distinctive for Chevrolet but we really like the styling and that’s first and foremost you in order for you to fall in love with a vehicle touchy one not familiar with you have to like the styling in this car has has by the bucket load you could just see that it’s got this nice kind a clamshell hood. Shoulder line. Big headlights mentioned the grill. It seems very aerodynamic this car has it all. What you get Pakistan in the pricing and you start to buy in the next step is well how does it drive naked take it drives wonderfully it’s got like. I said the 6 speed automatic which we’ve been driving with a 1.4 liter turbo plenty of get up and go with the crews really stands out is the interior cabin this is we spend most of your time and this is a very premium cabin what. Additional information Chevrolet Cruze headlights see at

interior 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

I mean by that is you can see the steering wheel leather wrapped you see all the stick controls sure the competition has it but. Which was a really nice to recess very soft touch via instrumentation very easy to read nice analog gauges it we set the cruise control it tells you what speed that’s a that’s something you find on your luxury a luxury cars that’s of the $520000 cop accident. Another key differentiator for the cruise isn’t safety it has 10 airbags that’s right typical vehicle the signal have about 6 so you all about safety. Your vehicle others an eco model that we need to talk about that is coming out a little bit later that vehicle model is going to get 40 miles to the gallon with a manual transmission probably 3738 with an automatic windows or hybrid numbers tell 1 thing you notice when you drive the recruited if Great vehicle to drive.
Very quiet again this disclosed back to the premium nature things you find in the your luxury cars not in $20000. Now you might ask wouldn’t drawbacks of a vehicle like this well with the new the place you really don’t know what you’re going to get and the questions are going to be resell about 34 years down the road when you go to sell this vehicle is going to hold up like a coral in the city now I would much rather drive his vehicle a dozen in this show you would rather own. Right so what’s the bottom line on the cruise would I buy this car yes or no the answer is if if I want a premium compact sedan yes I would bite my my only reservations are I don’t know what the resale values going to be and 4 years down the road you know how easy is it to be able to view the cell compared to the competition there’s just no history with this vehicle civic corolla been around 35 years you know what you want to do the safe that go for those vehicles when do something different to some good for the home team. Your vehicle. Until next time see you on the web could ought to pot of tea if you have more questions. See behind the driver’s seat.